Member Galleries

Scott Abdey
I joined the Photographic Guild to meet other photographers who share my interest in photography and improve my techniques.
Ann Beckett
I have been interested in photography since I was a teenager. When I ventured into the digital world I started with the Canon A80 which I thoroughly enjoyed using. I have now upgraded to the Canon XS10 IS. I find the Photographic Guild has taught me a lot about taking better pictures and understanding my camera and what it can do for me. I enjoy travel and family photography.
Charles Beckett
My local railway career ended in 1989, and my interest in photography developed since then. I admit that I basically am a point and shoot type, but can do a bit more. I really enjoy capturing a story in a photo or in a series of pictures, perhaps a family event, an outing, a vacation trip, or a nature thing.
Chris Button
My favourite subjects are anything closeup, moving or realistic.

Several of my gallery images are the direct result of outings organized by the STPG. Many thanks to the members for answering endless questions about taking and adjusting photos.

Sharon Harbaruk
John and I are enjoying retirement and traveling throughout N.A. I have been learning to photograph nature and now have a 500mm Tamron lens and a 150 Sigma macro lens. Now I am having fun learning and practicing. Hope you enjoy my postings
David Johann
My interest in photography goes away back. At age twelve my equipment was a Kodak Brownie Bullet II (I still have it). In 1973 I bought a Fujica ST701 SLR. I used a 200 mm lense with this camera to support my auto racing photography phase. In March 2008 I got into digital with a Nikon D-40. My favorite photo subjects are family, landscapes, sky and weather phenomena, automobiles, aircraft, and infrastructure.
Candy McManiman
My passion for photography is always in competition with my desire to paint what I see.
The web site listed is a link to my paintings. Some of the mixed media pieces shown there incorporate my photos.
Judy Ross
Making photographic images has been an enjoyable hobby of mine since I was a teenager. I enjoy a variety of subject matter and hope to explore macro photography in greater depth. After years of shooting negative and slide film, I have recently now joined the digital revolution. I value the friendship of my fellow guild members who are a constant source of inspiration and who are always willing to help one another. My goal is to continue to learn, enjoy and share my images with others.

Jim Stinson
Dan Tippin
Wendy Tippin
Jessica Vizniowski
Steve Vizniowski
My gallery consists of mostly nature images and symmetry. I am starting to get into bird, plane, and macro photography.
Steve Vukovic
I "developed" an interest in the darkroom in the early 70's. I dabbled with B/W for 30 years and in 2001 began doing some serious black and white portraits. This led me to digital. I traded in my enlarger (figuratively) for CS3 and have been a NAPP member for several years.
Recently I have discovered the St. Thomas Photographic Guild where I love attending the regular and digital meetings. I always look forward to learning from all of the members there whom share a passion for photography.
Grant Westman
60 years at it & still learning